What the Flowers in Your Bouquet Mean

Gifting a bouquet can be an incredibly thoughtful gesture to make towards family, friends, customers, and clients. When purchasing a bouquet, do individuals have a process for which bouquet they want to buy? Are their choices based on color? Maybe the customer decides upon the prettiest bouquet in their own eyes. Regardless of their current reasoning, there is an even more thoughtful way to surprise a loved one with flowers.


Flowers That Mean More

Choosing a bouquet can become even more meaningful when a customer knows what the flowers in the arrangement stand for. Some flowers represent love and hope, while some flowers are best to give in times of loss. Flower symbolism has been recognized in poetry, mythology, and more.



Behind some of the most well-known flowers, symbolism has been the catalyst to becoming the choice flower for certain holidays. For example, roses are a popular flower of choice for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. The rose is one of the most romantic flowers one can give, representing love and desire. With so many different flowers available on the market, there’s only so much one can memorize. Continue reading to learn a bit more about what commonly used flowers mean to help create a personalized bouquet.



Lilies, which are vivid in color, are known to be bright and cheerful. There are several different colors of lilies, each meaning something a bit different.

  • White Lilies: Hope
  • Pink Lilies: Prosperity
  • Yellow Lilies: Gratitude


Each spring, daffodils bloom and bring an end to the winter season. Since they are one of the first signs of spring, these beautiful yellow flowers hold the meaning of new beginnings and rebirth.



Carnations are sweet, fluffy flowers often thought of as the child’s version of a rose. This flower represents innocent love and comes in an array of colors ranging from pink to white. 

  • Pink Carnations: Affection and gratitude
  • White Carnations: Purity and luck

Other colors of carnation are said to be avoided, as they can take on a negative meaning.



Orchids are one of the most regal flowers, so there is no surprise that the flower represents luxury. In addition to this meaning, the flower also symbolizes refinement and wisdom. Orchids are usually given by themselves to not distract from the elegance that this flower brings on its own.



Many of the bouquets that we arrange at HerFlorist include the flower aster. However, not many people could identify this flower independently. The aster flower comes in a variety of colors and resembles the daisy. This floral beauty received its name from the Greek word for ‘star’ because of its starburst-like petals. An aster symbolizes wisdom and faith.



Daisies are the flower of pure childish innocence. When receiving daisies, the gift giver should expect nothing less than smiles that cover the entirety of their face. Those who are into mythology may already know that the daisy is the flower of goddess Freya. Many say the daisy got its meaning from this goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. What do you believe?



Fun fact about the sunflower: Legend has it that when the Spanish explorers first arrived in America, they saw these flowers and assumed they were gold. It’s no wonder that now these flowers represent abundance and prosperity. We here at Herflorist believe that sunflowers represent happiness. Sending this type of flower will bring joy to the receiver.



The beautiful blooms, peonies, were once known to the Victorians as a representation of anger. Luckily, today these stunning flowers now hold the meaning of romance, marriage, and bashfulness. If you want to give something more unique than roses while still providing a romantic flair, look no further than these flowers.



Snapdragons typically are accents in a more upscale bouquet of flowers. If you’re interested in purchasing a bouquet with snapdragons in it, individuals likely may know their various color meanings.

  • Purple Snapdragon: Spirituality
  • Red Snapdragon: Passion
  • White Snapdragon: Grace
  • Yellow Snapdragon: Positivity


Meaningful Bouquets From HerFlorist

Make each bouquet more meaningful by putting more thought and intention into bouquets and arrangements. If you need help choosing the perfect flowers for a special occasion, our team at HerFlorist is more than happy to help. Please call us at (321) 206-0537.

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