Our Favorite Fall Flowers

Summer is filled with bright, vibrant flowers that many swoon over during the season. However, in the fall, floral arrangements and event designs can go to the next level. During fall, florists can work with a moodier, deeper palette and create more sophisticated designs. It’s no wonder that customers swoon over fall flowers.

Fall Bouquets and Arrangements

Even after the Summer months are over, there is still a way to enjoy blossoming flowers. Here at Herflorist, we have an array of Fall flowers that we turn into beautiful arrangements and bouquets. Let’s highlight some of our favorite arrangements for the Fall season that we offer new and old clients.

Autumn Surprise

With the Autumn Surprise Bouquet, individuals can celebrate the magic of fall in all its glory with this stunning arrangement of roses, daisies, solidago, Italian Ruscus, and curly willow in a charming clear glass cube vase.

Fresh Fall Daisy Bouquet

We handcraft and artistically design our Fresh Fall Daisy Bouquet for all lovers of vivid yellow and sienna colors. Think of the colors in an Autumn feast! This arrangement creates a smile to light up a room with this alluring arrangement of spectacular assorted daisies. When gifted, these Fall flowers come in a charming split-wood basket with a satin ribbon finish.

Fiery Fall Bouquet

Fall is a season unlike any other as it bursts with a kaleidoscope of color. The Fiery Fall Bouquet is an innovative arrangement that captures all of the colors of fall. This bouquet features an array of flowers, including sunflowers, roses, button poms, carnations, yarrow, statice, and hypericum.

Seasonal Flowers in The Garden

While our team at Herflorist offers arrangements and bouquets for occasions, gifts, and more, we can also appreciate the flowers that we don’t provide to our customers. A few of our favorite fall flowers that we can find in our neighbors’ gardens include:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Croton
  • Aster
  • Viola
  • Black-Eyed Susan

Fall In Love With Herflorist

Herflorist is committed to offering floral arrangements and gifts for every season and occasion. Our team makes sure that we go the extra mile to make your arrangements and baskets unique and beautiful. Let us be your first choice for flowers for every season. To reach us, please call us at (321) 206-0537.


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