Four Types of Flower Shop

Walking into a floral shop, consumers often are unaware that there is more than just one type of store in which they can buy their arrangements and bouquets. For example, when walking into the HerFlorist shop, consumers will be surrounded with inventory and yet still not be aware of the full-spectrum capabilities that we can supply. Depending on the type of store that a customer walks into will limit them to what they can and cannot buy. Before we dive into the many different flower shops, we must first delve into florist history.

How Florist Led To Flower Shop

The creation of the florist began in the Netherlands, with the first two horticulturist colleges in the world. Students who took courses within these colleges were awarded a floristry degree. The first flower shop ever opened was in 1875 and provided fresh flowers to consumers. Since then, the flower industry has grown into an important market in events and event planning. Currently, there are four different types of shops in the flower industry. 

A Garden of Possibilities

As we stated previously, flower shops are home to various floral gifts, baskets, and arrangements. People often think of HerFlorist as a shop where you can only give bouquets during different seasons of life. However, we are much more than that. We can provide hand-designed bouquets, large arrangements, bridal party bouquets, event centerpieces, and so much more. Not all shops are equal, though. Here is a look into the four different types of shops for flowers.

Full Service

A full-service floral shop can provide any flower or floral product and service that a customer may need or request. These services can include flower delivery or wire services. Think of a storefront that cannot only provide bouquets, custom arrangements and supply a wide array of flowers but is also capable of producing event arrangements.

Limited Service

A limited service shop is just as stated: limited in what the floral shop is available to offer. For example, you may find this type of shop in a local grocery store. These shops are limited to the amount of product they can offer and what exactly it is that they can create and supply customers.

Specialty Shop

A specialty flower shop targets specific floral needs, including dried everlasting bouquets, silk flowers, or shops that do only wedding or event floral pieces. In specialty shops, it is often possible that there is no physical storefront as they only create event arrangements.

Flower Merchandiser

A flower merchandiser is the supplier of many flowers that can be sold individually by the stem or in bunches to be purchased wholesale. Typically, all florists purchase from a flower merchandiser as it’s how they purchase the florals to put into arrangements and bouquets.

HerFlorist Is Full Service

At HerFlorist, we are a full-service flower shop that provides more than just flowers to the consumer. While, of course, we supply bouquets in abundance, we also provide fruit baskets, get-well goodies, event arrangements, and flowers for weddings. Additionally, we can create custom designs. To inquire about a custom piece, please contact us via telephone at (321) 206-0537.

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