Flowers That Do Well in Florida Heat

Admiring flowers goes far beyond making bouquets. Depending on the region or season, there are many flowers that people can fall upon while walking outdoors. Herflorist is located in Florida, so some of our favorite flowers are right outside our front door! The flowers in Florida have to be tolerant of even the most punishing heat of Summer.

Flowers in Florida Tolerant of Heat

At times, Florida can have overwhelmingly hot weather with drought-like conditions. Due to this fact, all flowers in Florida can tolerate this weather. Luckily, many flowers used in Florida gardens need minor care, as they have become acclimated to dry, hot conditions. So, what flowers in Florida are the best to plant?


According to Costa Farms, the Gerbera flower can grow in either full sun or part shade. These flowers should be kept moist and need watering during extreme drought to keep them happy and continually blooming. These flowers are perennials in North, Central, and South Florida.

Passion Flower

The passionflower, grown in Florida, blooms in a stunning indigo shade. This stunning and unique flower can tolerate the harshest heat and still thrive in its environment. When this plant begins to flower, it lasts roughly one or two days during the summer and the beginning of fall before it matures into a green fruit. However, the leaves of the passionflower are evergreen and lush, living throughout the year.

Blue Salvia

The plant, Blue Salvia, can sometimes be mistaken for Lavender, another plant tolerant to the Florida heat. These plants flower in Spring, Summer, Fall, and in some areas of Florida, they can also bloom in Winter. For those who want to plant this beautiful purple plant, make sure it has plenty of sun, as Blue Salvia thrives in hot, humid environments.

Don’t Have a Green Thumb?

Those who weren’t born with the ability to keep flowers in Florida alive need not worry. That’s why we here at Herflorist put together blooming arrangements for many to admire. Not everyone can keep flowering plants alive, no matter their tolerance. Individuals who love to surround themselves with flowers can trust us to craft hand-designed bouquets for every season, holiday, and event. For any floral arrangement or edible arrangement needs, please contact our team at Herflorist by calling us at (321) 206-0537. We look forward to hearing from you!


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