Do You Know Your Birth Month Flower?

Almost everyone has heard what birthstones are, and most may even know what their specific stone is. Like birthstones are a symbol of the particular month in which we are born, birth month flowers hold the same meaning. It is no surprise that flowers have become many individuals' go-to gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. Each month has a unique flower assigned to it, and our team at HerFlorist will take a deeper look into what each birth month flower symbolizes.


Monthly Birth Flower Breakdown

Flowers are a beautiful gift from nature. Not only do they cater to the senses with their fragrance, velvety petals, and beautiful aesthetic, but they also provide more meaning than we know. Next time you’re planning on giving a loved one flowers for their birthday, try to integrate their birth month flower for an extra special touch. Let’s dive into the meaning of each month’s flower.


January- Carnation

The birth flower for January is the carnation! This flower has beautifully ruffled flowers and has beautiful symbolism that pertains to perseverance, devotion, and love. These flowers are known as the flower of perseverance because they grow from summer into winter.


February- Violet

The birth flower for February is violet! This flower has beautiful purple hues on its petals. Many people may be surprised that February, the month with Valentine’s Day, does not have roses as the birth month flower. Symbolically, violets represent virtue and humility.


March- Daffodil

The birth flower for March is the daffodil! The yellow, cheerful bloom of the daffodil is a bright symbol of new beginnings and fresh starts. This flower often brings a sense of optimism and joy to the receiver.


April- Daisy

The birth flower for April is the daisy! This flower comes in an array of beautiful colors and is often associated with playfulness and pure innocence. Interestingly enough, the daisy flower is often given to new mothers as many believe this flower symbolizes motherhood.


May- Lily of the valley

The birth flower for May is the lily of the valley! This sweet and innocent-looking flower holds the meaning of just that as it stands for true purity and sweetness. This flower is rare and has a sweet fragrance.


June- Rose

The birth flower for June is the rose! Everyone associates the rose with February. However, June is actually the assigned month for this flower. The rose holds symbolism of elegance, love, and classic beauty. 


Fun fact: the ancient Greeks were the first to associate the rose with passion and romance.


July- Water Lilies

The birth flower for July is the water lily! Don’t let the name fool you, though. The water lily is not actually in the lily family. The symbolism of this month’s flower comes from Hindu and Buddhist culture. The water lily can symbolize fertility, innocence, and the purity of life.


August- Poppy

The birth flower for August is the poppy! When thinking of poppies, many people think of the bright red flowers used to recognize and remember WWII. However, this flower has more meaning than just that. The poppy symbolizes the ability to relax and recover.


September- Aster

The birth flower for September is the aster! This flower gets its unique name from the star-like shape that the flower blooms. These unique and dainty flowers symbolize ultimate wisdom and maintaining faith. This flower sprouts into various shades of blue, purple, pink, and white.


October- Marigold

The birth flower for October is the marigold! This flower is well-known for its bold orange color and its strong, spicy smell. This bright flower represents strong will and determination to achieve what you need to succeed.


November- Chrysanthemum

The birth flower for November is the chrysanthemum! This unique flower comes in an array of different vibrant colors, and for a good reason, as it’s known to be a celebratory flower. The chrysanthemum flower is representative of luck, joy, and happiness in a new home. 


December- Holly

The birth flower for December is holly! Those born in December are likely Christmas-lovers. Because of so many main holiday celebrations this month, the holly flower symbolizes the celebration of life, friendships, and faith.

The Right Flowers With HerFlorist

Make each bouquet more meaningful by putting more thought and intention into the flowers included in your next gift. If you need help finding a specific birth flower for a special occasion, our team at HerFlorist is more than able to help! Please call us at (321) 206-0537, or send us your order via our email and we will be happy to speak with you.

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